Mesquite Academy -Texas


Pen & Pin visits Mesquite Academy

This was an amazing opportunity for Pen & Pin! We were recently invited to Mesquite Academy ISD to provide goal strategies to the faculty and staff. They were open to the process of completing vision boards and shared their plans to set their students on the right path! 

"The goal is greatness. I'm honored that [Pen & Pin] obliged. She is a rock star. Hopefully she remembers us when her name is revered among all and her schedule is jammed." ~ Abram Joseph, Administrator of Mesquite Academy

Fusion Youth Outreach 8.9.18

I had a wonderful time being of service in the community with the Fusion Youth Outreach Group in Laplace, La. More than 40 kids came out, during a school night, to prepare vision boards. Great work Pastor Renita Graber of Victorious Life Family Worship Center & your ministry leaders for your hard work and dedication to the youth in the community! 

Pen & Pin Interview with WSBN

We're talking networking, we're talking entrepreneurship.... We are talking VISION!!